Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers in Scarborough for Comprehensive Smile Transformation

portrait of young woman smilingHaving a beautiful and healthy smile that you feel good about can provide you lasting confidence. At the dental practice of Dr. Jennifer Yu-Lopez, our dentist offers porcelain veneers and comprehensive treatment. With this popular and versatile cosmetic option, we can transform a single tooth or complete your smile.

We combine reliable techniques with body-safe, premium materials to address multiple concerns. Our team enjoys assisting individuals across Scarborough and Ontario with porcelain veneers. We also offer LUMINEERS®! It is time to stop hiding your smile and show it off with confidence! Contact Dr. Jennifer Yu-Lopez and our team to schedule a consultation today!


What are Veneers?

Veneers are dental shells made of porcelain. They cover the surfaces of each tooth, masking imperfections to help improve your smile. These shells are a popular treatment because they enhance aesthetics and address mild to moderate issues without significant alteration of your enamel.

Veneer Placement Options in Scarborough

Dr. Yu-Lopez provides several ways to improve your smile with veneers. Placement techniques are based on your individual needs. They include:

Single tooth placement is recommended when you wish to address an aesthetic concern only affecting one or several individual teeth. If you are happy with your smile overall, single veneer placement may be your best option to fix isolated issues.

Multiple veneer placement is the more common technique. It involves treating multiple teeth at once. The porcelain shells are typically used on the six most visible front teeth. This technique provides a more uniform appearance. Our dentist can also combine veneers with other treatments for a full smile makeover.

What is the Veneer Process?

male patient measuring tooth colorGetting veneers typically requires two appointments. Your first visit often involves a consultation, discussing your needs, concerns, and treatment goals. Our dentist evaluates the health of your teeth, and gums, both of which need to be in good condition to achieve optimal results. Dr. Yu-Lopez works with you to create a custom treatment plan.

Your first appointment may also include minimal reshaping of the teeth that will receive veneers. We take impressions of your smile, sending them off to a local lab that will craft your new veneers in about ten business days.

For broken or fractured teeth, we also offer chairside rebuilding and reshaping with dental bonding. This service allows you to feel confident in your smile while you wait for custom veneers. When your veneers are ready, you will come back to our practice for the final placement.

How Can I Qualify?

If you are an adult in good general and oral health, you will likely qualify for veneers. While this treatment can address various smile issues, your teeth and gums must be healthy. Dr. Yu-Lopez can discuss your options after your consultation and exam.

When Are Porcelain Veneers a Good Treatment Option?

Sometimes, certain situations are better resolved with veneers. These can include minor alignment issues or aesthetic concerns due to medication use and smoking. If you don’t need orthodontics or whitening hasn’t worked, treatment with porcelain veneers could be your answer.

woman checking out her smile in dental officeVeneers can address:

  1. Deep discoloration
  2. Mild chips, cracks, and other damage
  3. Short-looking or worn-down teeth
  4. Unwanted gaps between teeth
  5. Irregularly shaped or uneven teeth
  6. Minor dental misalignment

Do Veneers Ruin Teeth?

When placed correctly by a dentist, veneers should not damage or ruin your natural teeth. While treatment does require minimal reshaping of your enamel, this is only needed to make sure your results look natural and last as long as possible.

How Long Can They Last?

Once placed, veneers are designed to be permanent. Typically, they can last for about ten years. However, this depends on many factors. Diligent oral hygiene, proper care, and a healthy diet can help your veneers last longer. If yours become cracked, chipped, or damaged, they require replacement.

How Much Do Veneers Cost?

Since treatment is highly personalized to your needs, costs can vary depending on several factors. These can include the type of veneers and materials used, placement location, and how many are needed.

Many individuals view their veneers as a long-term investment towards improved dental function, aesthetics, and self-confidence. The treatment can last several decades with valuable benefits that outweigh the expense.

Enhance Dental Beauty & Self-Confidence Today!

Dr. Jennifer Yu-Lopez and our team enjoy providing quality porcelain veneers in Scarborough. We offer professional placement techniques to improve smile uniformity and address concerns promptly. Contact our team to schedule your veneer consultation today!



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