Smile Makeover

Dr. Jennifer Yu-Lopez Provides Smile Makeovers in Scarborough

At the dental practice of Dr. Jennifer Yu-Lopez, our goal is to help every patient achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. For patients suffering from extensive dental damage we offer full mouth cosmetic rehabilitation, or smile makeovers, that can help restore aesthetics, health, and function to a smile. 

What is a Smile Makeover?

Whether the result of a dental accident or an ongoing oral health problem, broken down teeth can have a negative health, aesthetic, and functional impact on a smile. While single cosmetic or restorative treatments can help improve parts of the dentition, often individuals with extensive problems require a larger, comprehensive restoration plan.

Known as full mouth cosmetic rehabilitation, or more simply as a smile makeover, these long-term treatment solutions often incorporate multiple cosmetic and restorative treatments to improve the smile as a whole. 

Choosing Treatments for Smile Makeover 

As each smile makeover varies from patient to patient, the actual treatments included in the larger plan can vary. For some, full mouth rehabilitation can be limited to covering damaged teeth with crowns and veneers then brightening natural teeth with a bleaching system. For other patients suffering from more extensive damage, a combination of implant-supported dentures as well as crowns and orthodontics may be needed to improve the entire smile. 

When providing full mouth rehabilitation, our Scarborough dentists focus first on improving oral health then on restoring dental aesthetics. Using advanced technology, we identify problem areas then create different options for treating health issues. By working closely with local dental specialists, we are able to ensure complex procedures, such as implant placement and orthodontics, are completed safely and successfully. 

Once the health of your smile has been restored, patients return to our Scarborough dental office to complete the cosmetic dental procedures. During this phase, our goal is to return confidence to a patient’s smile – by discussing your smile goals and concerns, Dr. Yu-Lopez and her associates create a customized treatment plan that’s as close to your ideal smile as possible. 

Learn More about Restoring Your Smile Today

While the smile makeover process can take some time depending on your health needs, this solution is a long-term investment into the future health and beauty of your smile. To learn more about comprehensive smile rehabilitation in Scarborough, contact Dr. Jennifer Yu-Lopez, your local Scarborough dentist, today! 


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